Shrewsbury Little League Board of Directors


The Shrewsbury Little League Board

Members of the Shrewsbury Little League Board preside over the needs of the league for a term of one year. Each board member volunteers their personal time to ensure fields are maintained, uniforms are purchased, vendors are managed, communications are published, registration is taken care of, rules are established, teams are created, managers and coaches are selected, and sponsorships are secured. The board formally meets each month throughout the year, and informally in subcommittees as needed.


Position 2016


E-mail address


Dave Walker


Lauren Chenevert

Vice President Baseball

Don Naber

Vice President Softball

Jim McKay


Deborah Fanale

Challenger League


Chip Collins

Big League Commissioner

Mark Abbott

SR League Commissioner

Tim Knight

Junior League Commissioner

Tim Knight

Intermediate League




Majors/Prep  Commissioner

Jim Sacco

Director Majors American

Mike Marshall

Director Majors National

Kevin Martin

Minors Commissioner

Sean Chenevert

Minors Director

Paul Cunniffe

Minors Director

Bob White

U7 Boys Commissioner

Bob White

Farm League Director

Scott Kuhnel

Instructional Director



GSB SR/JR Commissioner

Matt Arpino

GSB Majors Comm.

Don Gale

GSB Majors Director

Dave Villiani

GSB Minors Comm.

Don Gale

GSB Rook. Comm.

Jim Fynn

GSB Tee Comm.

Dennis Magarro

Jr. League Umpire Director

Jeff Green/Dan Sullivan

Majors Umpire Director

Jeff Green

Minors Umpire Director

Jeff Green

Girls Softball Umpire Director

Melissa Sereti

Field Maintenance

John Biscotti

Keith Reynolds




Registration/Web Data



Media - Web Site                           

Natasha Colonero

Clinics Director

Paul Cunniffe

Safety/Insurance Dir.

Glen Hammitt

Tournament Director

Mike Marshall

Sponsorship Director

Scheduling Director




Coel Kolegue

Concession Director

Catherine Walker

General Board Member

Steve Messineo

General Board Member

Joe Buduo

General Board Member

Mike Bracken

General Board Member

Ann Marie Wall

General Board Member

Ken Hamn

General Board Member

Scott MacCausland

General Board Member

Scott Novick

General Board Member

Tom Power

General Board Member

Steve Pellegrino

The primary function of the league is to be one of training and preparation of Little Leaguers in the mechanics, skills, knowledge, and sportsmanship of baseball.

Interested in Helping?

Throw your hat in the ring and become a SLL Board member! If that sounds too daunting of a task, simply volunteer to help with board activities. There is plenty to do in this all-volunteer league. The kids depend on all parents for a quality baseball experience, and the board (volunteer parents!) can use your help.