Indians over Mariners 6-2

Game Played on 4/27/2017 5:30 PM at Cool 3
Results were reported on 4/28/2017 10:40 AM
GameID: 12238

Pitching for Indians Pitching for Mariners
NameAgePitch Count
Ryan White965
Charlie Kent841
NameAgePitch Count
Desmond Nichols849
Owen Guelcher922
Ian Taylor950
Boden Kuhnel918

In a rematch of last year’s first round playoff matchup, the Indians and Mariners squared off on an overcast night at Coolidge 2.  Grounds crews worked all day to get the field ready after a wet week to set the stage for a tight contest between these two AL foes.

The Mariners sent rookie Desmond Nichols to the hill to make his minor league debut.  Leading off for the Indians was Charlie Kent who showed great plate discipline and earned himself a base on balls.  Up stepped Torin Narva who wasted no time and on the second pitch he saw laced a screamer that the Mariners second baseman got a glove on to knock it down but both runners were safe.   Ryan White followed that up with a walk of his own to load the bases.  Desmond was unflappable though and buckled down, keeping the next batters off balance, he struck them both out.  With two outs up stepped Jackson Chamberlain.  Giving the fans a glimpse of things to come, Jackson ripped a single that plated the first run of the game for the Tribe.  Nichols clamped down and ended the inning by striking out the next batter.

In the top half of the inning, the Indians sent veteran hurler, Ryan White to the mound.  Ryan came out dealing but on the first pitch he threw, big Boden Kuhnel smacked one right back up through the box.  White made a great play to knock it down but the speedy Kuhnel forced a rushed throw that pulled Torin off first and the Mariners had their first baserunner.  Like it never happened, Ryan calmly went back to the mound and turned up the heat with glove popping fastball after fastball to strike the next two batters out.  With two outs and a runner on first, the slugging Ian Taylor stepped to the plate.  He clearly learned something from the previous two batters as he slapped a ball into right field.  Indians right fielder Charlie King chased it down and threw into his cutoff who then tried to make a great throw to get Boden racing for third but the ball got away and Kuhnel scored and Taylor stood at third.  Ryan proceeded to strike out the next batters to end the inning….. End of 1st … All tied at 1

Desmond returned to the mound for the second inning and made quick work of the Indians.  After giving up a leadoff walk he proceeded to strike out the next three batters.

The Tribe stuck with White who promptly did Nichols one better and struck out the side to end a very quiet and quick inning….. End of 2nd …. Still tied at 1.

The Mariners sent the crafty righty, Owen Guelcher to the hill in the third.  Leadoff hitter Charlie Kent once again commanded the strike zone and trotted down to first.  Guelcher, bringing his best junk, struck out the next hitter for his first out.   A hit followed by 2 free passes plated Charlie Kent to give the Indians the lead again.  With only 1 away and the bases loaded and the dangerous Jackson Chamberlain stepping to the plate, Mariners coaches made a call to the bullpen for the Big Unit, Ian Taylor.  Ian promptly put his team on his back and ended the inning with consecutive strikeouts.

With a low pitch count and dominating performance going on, Ryan took the hill for his third inning of work.  The first batter he faced was sent back to the bench with Ryan’s 7th K of the game.  Big Owen Kerr made Ryan work and got himself to first base with a hard fought walk.  White proceeded to get his 8th K on the next hitter but Ryan was starting to show signs of running out of gas.  The next three Mariners hitters stood in there and battled to earn walks.  With bases loaded and one run already in, Indians coaches strolled to the mound to settle Ryan down.  Running on fumes, Ryan battled and with a full count he dug down deep to fire a fastball past the Mariners hitter to end the inning and his night for his 9th strikeout….. End of 3 … All tied at 2

The southpaw took the mound for another inning of work in the top of the fourth.  Wheeling and dealing, he struck out the first batter of the inning.  Then up stepped Mr. Hustle, Cole Hunt.  Cole dug in hard and fouled off a couple and worked the count full.  Showing great discipline, he laid off the next pitch and promptly SPRINTED down to first for the first base runner of the inning.  Ian had had enough and promptly struck the next hitters out, stranding Cole at first, ending the inning.

In the bottom of the fourth the Indians sent rookie Phenom Charlie Kent to the hill.  Not yet in his groove, Charlie walked the first batter he faced.  Up stepped Joshua Moody who promptly ripped the first pitch he saw back through the box.  Charlie made a great play to snare it, but sensing the speedy Moody he rushed the throw which got away from White at first and allowed the runners to advance.  Now, with nobody out and runners at second and third, Kent looked in at his coach in the dugout and winked, mouthing, “I got this coach”.  Trusting his pitcher, coach kicked back, put his feet up and marveled at Kent’s tenacity as he whiffed the next three batters he faced.  Walking off the mound with a huge smile, the crowd roared acknowledging what just happened…. End of 4 …. Still tied at 2.

Having not yet broken a sweat, Taylor took the mound to start the fifth inning.  Sensing the time limit was coming, the Indians coaches gathered the team and told them this was their time to now go out there and win it.  Charlie Kent strolled to the plate and earned his third base on balls of the day.  Up stepped Torin Narva to face Taylor, power versus power.  Ian blew the first pitch by Narva.  A couple of balls followed by a heater that Narva just missed he worked the count to full.  With his great eye at the plate, Torin earned a walk for runners on first and second.  Ian buckled down and proceeded to gas 3 strikes in a run to get his first out.  Sohan Pasupuleti stepped up to the plate and took some big hacks up there before earning a walk to load the bases.  Big Ben Chamberlain stepped into the batter’s box, determined to get his team the lead and bring that runner in from third.  Taylor dug in but fell behind in the count 2-0.  Trying to regain his dominance, the next pitch got away from him as it hit Ben.  Probably not the way Ben wanted to bring the runner home but it got the job done.  With the bases still loaded and one out up stepped Ben’s brother, Jackson.  Ian fired away and Jackson battled the count to 3-2.  Ian reared back and delivered the pitch that Jackson quickly turned on sending it towards short, just out of the reach of the pitcher for an RBI single.  Sensing his big lefty had hit a wall, Mariners coaching made a call to the bullpen to bring in Boden Kuhnel.  Boden struck the first batter he faced out but hard fought walks by Charlie King and Cole Hunt plated two more for the Tribe.  The inning ended with another strikeout but the damage had been done with the Indians bats coming alive.

With a four run lead now, Charlie Kent went back to work for his second inning of work.  He made quick work of the first batter of the inning with a K followed by a walk to the next batter.  With darkness settling in, Kent settled back into his groove and dealt filthy gas to the next two batters to end the game for the win and a pig pile on the mound by his teammates. ….. Final Score … Indians 6 and Mariners 2.

This was a tightly contested back and forth game with both teams throwing down the gauntlet pitch after pitch and teams should take notice not to sleep on either of these teams.  Good luck the rest of the season to both teams!