Diamondbacks over Cardinals 4-3

Game Played on 5/24/2017 5:30 PM at Cool 1
Results were reported on 5/25/2017 3:33 AM
GameID: 14393

Pitching for Diamondbacks Pitching for Cardinals
NameAgePitch Count
Brendan Parisi875
Angad Pannu930
NameAgePitch Count
Colin Marques944
Benjamin Lane714
Patrick O'Toole953

This game felt more like a playoff battle than a regular season game.  
The Cardinals and Dbacks played a great game tonight with the Dbacks holding on for the win by a score of 4-3. 
Brendan Parisi pitched another masterpiece.  He was a workhorse for the Dbacks as he threw 4 2/3 innings, had 9 strikeouts, and didn't walk a batter.  Angad Pannu relieved Parisi and notched 3 strikeouts of his own through 1 1/3 innings of solid relief. Defensively, the Dbacks played their best team defense of the season. The play of the game came in the bottom of the 4th as Danny Molina retrieved a ball down the right field line. He immediately threw a perfect relay throw to Parisi as the cutoff. Parisi then through a missile to Pannu who blocked the plate and tagged the runner out from his catcher position. This key play preserved a one run lead for the Dbacks and stopped a Cardinals rally.  
The Cardinals sent Colin Marques, Benjamin Lane, and Patrick O’Toole to the hill. They battled hard all night and struck out 11 Dbacks and allowed only 6 hits. 
Offensively, the Dbacks were led by Angad Pannu who went 1-3 with a double, 2 RBI, BB, and 1 run scored. Eddie Aloupis went 2-3 with 2 singles and scored a run. Joey Silva went 1-3 with a single, RBI, and SB. Vismay Prasad went 1-3 with a single and an RBI. Brendan Parisi picked a single by going 1-4. 
The Cardinals picked up hits by the following players:  Patrick O’Toole went 2-2 with a single, triple, and 2 RBI. Colin Marques went 1-2 with a single and scored a run. Owen Parry-Cruwys went 1-2 with a single and a run scored. John St. Pierre went 1-2 with a single and 1 run scored. Elliott Moore went 1-2 with a single. 
Coach Joe Silva from the Dbacks lost not only his voice but most of his fingernails. This was a nail biter to the end. 
Both teams played very well and probably will face each other again in the postseason.