Reds over Rockies 6-5

Game Played on 5/4/2018 5:30 PM at Dean1
Results were reported on 5/5/2018 11:56 AM
GameID: 14530

Pitching for Reds Pitching for Rockies
NameAgePitch Count
Adam Boulay1247
Duncan Hastings1243
Michael DeAngelis1230
Michael Mitchell126
NameAgePitch Count
Jarrett Ellis1160
Logan Jolicoeur1220
Jack Alarie1125

A great night for baseball last night as the Reds were finally able to kick off their season against the Rockies.  The Reds sent out Adam Boulay to start the season.  After some patient at-bats the Rockies managed to tally 2 runs to open it off before Boulay retired the side.  The Rockies sent out big Jet to start things off but the Reds managed some timely hits and pushed 2 across to tie things up.

The next 2 innings saw some great pitching and defense and both teams were held scoreless but not for lack of trying.  Jet saw a shot back up the middle by Mikey D were he snagged like it was no big deal. Duncan Hastings now pitching for the Reds saw Jack Alarie at the plate who crushed a lead off double in the 4th.  He was brought in by Mike Halloran to give the Rockies the lead before the side was retired. Rockies - 3  /  Reds - 2

A lead-off help yourself double by Duncan followed by another double by Niko Manolakos brought Hastings across to tie it up again.  3-3  after 4 innings.

Reds brought in Mikey D who struck out the first to hitters but Logan Jolicoeur would not be denied first bringing up Jack Alarie.  Jack crushed one to deep left Benny the Jet Rodriquez style but just like in the Sandlot, Smalls aka Alex Shaw was in the perfect place and made the catch.

The Reds bats got hot in the 5th and after hits by 4 of the first 5 hitters in the 5th the Reds pushed 3 runs across the plate.  Mikey D back out to close things out but The Rockies were relentless and managed 2 more runs to get within one.  The Reds  saw Romano coming to the plate and didn't like the match-up so they brought in Wild Thing Mike Mitchell who was throwing fireballs.  After a hard fought at-bat Wild Thing managed to retire Romano for the win.

Reds - 6  /  Rockies - 5

Great game by both teams and good luck the rest of the season.