Flaherty Physical Therapy over Daniels Insurance Agency 5-1

Game Played on 5/6/2018 2:15 PM at Dean Field #2
Results were reported on 5/6/2018 11:07 PM
GameID: 14541

Pitching for Flaherty Physical Therapy Pitching for Daniels Insurance Agency
NameAgePitch Count
Claire Troy91
Ava Nelson101
Anika Karre101
Claire Troy91
NameAgePitch Count
Emma Kaplan91
Jayden Nelson91
Mackenzie Maynard81
Emma Ellis91

     Great game today between the Navy Narwhals and Daniel's Insurance. The first inning was dominated by the pitchers: Emma Olson (Daniel's Ins.) and Claire Troy (Narwhals). End of the inning resulted in no runs scored by either team.
      The second inning was a shift in energy when Anika Karre (Narwhals) hit a double to get things rolling, then it became the batter's game. End of inning resulted in Narwhals scoring two runs. Top of the third inning continued the same momentum for the Narwhals when both batters Ava Nelson and Claire Troy hit doubles followed by a single by Anika Karre. With the help from their team, all girls brought in runs.
     Daniel's Insurance would keep the Narwhals on their feet at the bottom of the third when Erin Walker, Jayden Nelson and Addison O'Connor all hit singles resulting in Erin Walker scoring a run. Bottom of the third inning, 5-1, Narwhals. No runs were scored in the fourth inning by either team but a solid offense and defense played by both teams.
     Speaking of defense, there were some amazing plays made defensively by both teams tonight. Shout out to Fallon Marsh (short stop) who made an amazing fielding play and throw to first base when a hard hit ball from Ava Nelson came at her. She got the out at first! Way to go!
Also, an  A+ to Narwhal's Claire Troy who also played short stop, and caught a line drive from Ava Weigold. Exciting moments for these young athletes!
     19 combined hits to base. Final score: 5/1. Narwhals.