Giants over Angels 17-1

Game Played on 5/22/2018 5:30 PM at Dean1
Results were reported on 5/23/2018 11:02 PM
GameID: 16646

Pitching for Giants Pitching for Angels
NameAgePitch Count
Isaac Diaz1035
Sota Matsuda938
NameAgePitch Count
Andrew Stumm1159
Spencer Loughlin1028
Boden Kuhnel1024

It was an overcast sky and a misty evening for the Angels and Giants game on Dean 1. Both teams were ready to play as the Angels sent Andrew Stumm to the mound to start things off.  Andrew threw hard, going deep into counts but ultimately lost the first two battles to walks, setting up Isaac Diaz to connect and knock in the Giants first run. The Giants would go on to score 2 more in the first on some heads up base running.  Scoring for the Giants were Ryan Moss, Isaac Diaz and Brendan Parisi.

The Angels would face off against Isaac on the mound for the Giants in the first.  Tyler Boehnke would reach base on a throwing error to first but the Giants would settle down and they ended the inning on fly out to 3rd.

Giants 3-0 end of the 1st

Andrew would return in the 2nd firing the ball and getting 2 strikeouts to start. Dante Solitro would reach on an infield hit.  The Angels would go on to hold the Giants to one run in the inning. Isaac would come back to finish the 2nd for the Giants, giving up a crushed ball by John Blattner but recording 3Ks in the inning to end the threat by the Angels.

Giants 4-0 end of the 2nd

In the 3rd, Jason Malo would score to give the Giants one run in the 3rd and the Angles Rory Shanley got a hit off Sota Matsuda, who pitched outstanding for the game but the Angels would plate a run by the end of the 3rd. 

Giants 5-1 end of the 3rd

The 4th inning saw the Giants open up the lead on 4 hits by Isaac, Brendan, Joshua Moody and Dante to 
help the Giants plate 12 runs in the inning.  The Giants and Angels both showed off their defensive skills throughout the game.  Tommy Dowling and Tyler Boehnke both had some nice grabs in the field and Brendan Parisi made a textbook catcher play at the plate to save an inside the park homerun!

Giants 17-1 end of the 4th

Good luck to both teams throughout the rest of the season!