Senior Auburn 1 American
Senior Auburn 2 American
Senior Charlton 1 American
Senior Charlton 2 American
Senior Oxford Paradise Givner American
Senior Oxford Stearns Electric American
Senior Shrewsbury American
Senior Southboro American
Junior Alabama American Colonials Amateur Baseball
Junior Arizona American Dick's Sporting Goods
Junior Florida American Central Mass Dent Tech
Junior LSU American CEFitness
Junior Miami American R.J. Services, Inc
Junior Michigan American Cogmedix, A Coghlin Company
Junior North Carolina American Elements Massage
Junior Texas American Wings Over Worcester
Intermediate Auburn 1 American
Intermediate Auburn 2 American
Intermediate Grafton American
Intermediate Quabog American
Intermediate Shrewsbury 1 American
Intermediate Shrewsbury 2 American
Majors Angels American Skichair.com Rest in Style
Majors Athletics American Columbia Tech, A Coghlin Company
Majors Indians American McManus Orthodontics
Majors Mariners American Adam's Landscapes
Majors Orioles American Le Limo Limousine
Majors Red Sox American Response Environmental, Inc.
Majors Tigers American Stowe & Degon
Majors Braves National Gilbane Building Company
Majors Cardinals National Flaherty Physical Therapy
Majors Diamondbacks National Columbia Tech, A Coghlin Company
Majors Marlins National Salmon Health and Retirement
Majors Phillies National Bollus Lynch, LLP
Majors Reds National ReadyMed Shrewsbury
Majors Rockies National Rigali Roofing and Exteriors
Prep Angels American Rigali Roofing and Exteriors
Prep Athletics American South Shore Mini
Prep Red Sox American Red Sox Foundation
Prep Royals American Response Environmental, Inc.
Prep White Sox American Kelleher & Sadowsky
Prep Cardinals National Dick's Sporting Goods
Prep Cubs National Baseball Skills Academy
Prep Dodgers National Romano Law Offices
Prep Giants National Shrewsbury Firefighters Association
Prep Mets National Hannah Kane
Minors Indians American Spectrum Enterprises
Minors Mariners American Adam's Landscapes
Minors Orioles American Shrewsbury Federal Credit Union
Minors Red Sox American Shrewsbury Police Patrol Officers' Union
Minors Royals American Richard Record & Son Inc.
Minors White Sox American Price Chopper
Minors Astros National Rigali Roofing and Exteriors
Minors Cardinals National Sentry West Lincoln Mazda
Minors Diamondbacks National Al's Oil
Minors Dodgers National Mercadante Funeral Home
Minors Nationals National Peppercorns Grille
Minors Padres National Aubin Orthodontics
Minors Reds National Knights of Columbus Adelphi Council 4181
Farm Mariners American Wall Construction Inc
Farm Red Sox American Murgo Trucking Inc
Farm Royals American NFC Mortgage
Farm Cardinals National Wings Over Worcester
Farm Cubs National Wagner Auto Group
Farm Diamondbacks National Five Guys Burgers
Farm Dodgers National Buffalo Wild Wings Shrewsbury
Instructional Astros American Mid-State Building Shrewsbury MA
Instructional Athletics American Dunkin Donuts
Instructional Rangers American EVO Dining
Instructional Red Sox American Richard Record & Son Inc.
Instructional Tigers American Shrewsbury Firefighters Association
Instructional White Sox American Wings Over Worcester
Instructional Giants National Vintage Grille
Instructional Mets National Dick's Sporting Goods
Instructional Rockies National Prospect Mortgage
Challenger Millbury Challenger American
Challenger Northboro Challenger American
Challenger Shrewsbury Challenger American
Softball Senior Desmarais Electric American Desmarias Electric
Softball Senior Expose Yourself Marketing & PR American Expose Yourself Public Relations
Softball Senior Fiores Trucks Sales American Fiore's Auto and Truck
Softball Senior Pellegrino Trucking American Pellegrino P. Trucking Co., Inc.
Softball Senior Westborough American
Softball Majors AAF CPAs American Alexander, Aronson, Finning & Co
Softball Majors Arpino Construction American Starview Construction
Softball Majors Flynn's Truck Stop American Flynn's Truck Plaza
Softball Majors Forgues Eyecare American Forgues Eyecare
Softball Majors LPL Financial American LPL Financial
Softball Majors Trippi's Uniforms American Trippi's Uniforms
Softball Minors Arpino Construction American Starview Construction
Softball Minors Elements Massage American Elements Massage
Softball Minors Heald Brothers American Heald + Chiampa Funeral Directors
Softball Minors JJM Insurance Agency American JJM Insurance
Softball Minors McManus Orthodontics American McManus Orthodontics
Softball Minors Shrewsbury Dunkin Donuts American Dunkin Donuts
Softball Rookie Al's Oil Service LLC American Al's Oil
Softball Rookie Five Guys Burgers American Five Guys Burgers
Softball Rookie Forgues Eyecare American Forgues Eyecare
Softball Rookie Seasons Corner Market American Seasons Corner Market
Softball Rookie Strong4Abby American Strong 4 Abby
Softball Rookie Wings Over Worcester American Wings Over Worcester
Softball TEE Dick's Sporting Goods American Dick's Sporting Goods
Softball TEE J.J. Bafaro American J.J. Bafaro Inc.
Softball TEE Sentry Lincoln Mazda American Sentry West Lincoln Mazda
Softball TEE Shrewsbury Dunkin Donuts American Dunkin Donuts